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Savendale Insurance Services - powered by CLS PI, a trusted expert in underwriting specialist products for legal professionals -  and provides services to over 250 Scottish private client solicitors. We understand the challenges faced by solicitors firms and know it is important for you to have transactions handled quickly, at the lowest possible cost.

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A better way to access bonds of caution

Savendale offers private client solicitor insurance services that are faster and easier to use than others on the market.
We are a leading broker of Executry Bonds of Caution to private client solicitors in Scotland. The underwriter CLS PI is among the most experienced in the UK, conducting a high volume of business online for speed and convenience, and specialising in underwriting innovative products to meet specific needs or one-off circumstances.

Executry Bonds

  • Higher indemnity limits than alternative providers
  • A brief application form which is easy to complete and asks you only the relevant questions
  • Option to begin your application online
  • Time savings. Our process for issuing Executry Bonds takes around a week but can be faster for urgent cases

*Please ensure you are FCA registered before preceding

Connect quickly with our experts

When you contact Savendale Insurance Services, we will get back in touch as soon as possible by phone or email, providing you with access to expert knowledge almost immediately. We can provide a quote for Executry Bonds within 48 hours.

Savendale is a broker for a variety of other specialist insurance products for private client solicitors - Missing Beneficiary, Missing Will, Early Distribution and Lost Share Certificates.

Savendale Insurance Services is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.